Conspectives: San Diego Comic Con Preparations

In just under three weeks, and after over two years of waiting, San Diego Comic-Con returns. The convention held annually at the San Diego Convention Center, host approximately 140,000 of your closest friends in one event spanning Wednesday through Sunday.  The event is known for its notorious Hall H lines, exclusive merchandise, parties and activations throughout downtown San Diego.

For some people this will be the first time that they have attended this event and others are seasoned professionals whenever it comes to preparation for this large convention. No matter who you are I feel it necessary to list a few things to keep in mind while you were preparing for this convention.

Before the Convention:

  1. When packing, remember the necessities such as toiletries.  Yes, please bring deodorant.
  2. If taking a long car trip, like I am, don’t drink too much caffeine.  Arrive safe to your destination.
  3. Pack snack items that will help you throughout your convention.  I often bring crackers and water.
  4. If your purchasing new shoes, now is the time to start breaking them in.
  5. Remember your bag allowance for the airport.  The airlines require bags to be no larger than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches.
  6. Remember battery chargers for cameras along with power banks for phones and accessories.
  7. Pack according to the weather for San Diego.  Temperatures can be a bit chilly at night (low to mid 60s) while the day time can be in the mid 70s.  Just think of the most perfect weather ever.
  8. Optional, consider bringing personal entertainment such as a Switch or other handheld gaming system.

During the Convention:

  1. Have good walking shoes, you will be on your feet a lot throughout the day.
  2. If possible, bring a folding stool or chair to provide rest while you wait.  Note that you won’t be able to use this inside the Exhibit Hall.
  3. The trolley has many destinations throughout downtown which can make your commute easier.  If the 12th & Imperial station is too crowded, consider taking the line prior at Park & Market.
  4. Pack water and snacks in your bag for each day.  I often find that I don’t eat a good meal during the day so this can be a lifesaver.  Some panel rooms will have water for you to fill your bottles with.  However, this may be different due to Covid-19.
  5. Make line friends.  You’ll see many of the same people all week!
  6. If you’re with a large group, plan ahead for places to meet and times to meet.  Remember, there is no paging inside the Exhibit Hall or anywhere around Comic-Con.
  7. Bag Check is available, for a nominal fee, and can hold those exclusives while you enjoy the show.  Remember to grab them before departing for the night.
  8. Try not to consume too much caffeine at the early hours of the day.  This can often lead to a crash and feeling exhausted by 1pm or 2pm
  9. Don’t argue with staff, security, or volunteers.  Everyone is just as excited as you are to be there.  Plus its downright rude.
  10. Remember that this is just a convention.  You will not get all of the (insert choice here) that you want.
  11. San Diego Comic-Con has a MANDATORY MASK policy.  You must wear a mask while inside the convention center.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of things that you should prepare for and have ready during the convention. While making my own preparations these are the things that I look at to ensure that I have everything that I need. Your mileage will vary for your trip but with these suggestions it might help to make your preparations a little easier. Enjoy the convention and I’ll see you there!

Written By

Justin Toney
Justin Toney
Justin is the Managing Editor for and the Host of the YouTube Channel "The Weekend Geeks"
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