Review: The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention 2023

They say all good things come to an end right? Well, that’s a terrible way to start a review, but I will get to that information momentarily. Over the weekend of September 7-9, 2023, the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention welcomed attendees for the 17th year in Baltimore, Maryland. Martin Grams, the convention chairman, has been hosting this convention since 2006 as a tribute to classic Hollywood. Thousands of fans will make their way to hunt valley throughout the weekend to catch a glimpse at some of the celebrities, seminars, and great merchandise available from vendors.

This is only my second time attending the convention and I’m always amazed at the tenacity of the attendees that come from all over to visit the convention. These attendees begin their journey on Thursday morning and don’t depart until after the closing banquet on Saturday evening. This year I was joined at the convention by my counterpart Eric LeBlanc, and our convention signing agent friend Scott Ray.

This year some of the highlighted guests included George Hamilton (Zorro: The Gay Blade), Tim Matheson (Animal House), Hal Linden (Barney Miller), and Bond Girls Kristina Wayborn, Lynn-Holly Johnson, and Mary Stavin. There were other supporting actors and actresses on hand as well including Sivi Aberg and Diane Baker who was formerly the Executive Director of the School of Motion Pictures-Television and the School of Acting.

I always find it fascinating to hear some of the rich stories shared by the celebrities in attendance. Speaking with Sivi Aberg, I discovered that Bob Hope had originally launched her career.  This came after seeing her walk the stage at the 1964 Miss Universe Pageant, where she held the title of Miss Sweden.  Hope, being mesmerized by her presence put out an advertisement in The Hollywood Reporter requesting her to contact him. The rest, as they say it, was history; Aberg would go on to play a minor starring role in the 1965 comedy “I’ll Take Sweden” and from there Batman and Hogan’s Heroes was on the horizon.

Everyone had great concern about how the SAG strike would affect the show.  Signs were on display at each celebrity’s table informing the general public that photos were provided by the agent and not by the attending celebrity. Strike rules forbid celebrities from promoting struck work but many of these things may have been a part of an old agreement not recognized during this strike. While they could not publicly discuss their roles on television many talked about their career, how they got into acting and some of the finer points of working in the industry.

Now for the bad news and something that was not known until just a few hours before the beginning of the convention. The Marriott corporation, which owns the hotel, informed convention organizers that the hotel would be closed at the end of October. This would affect a multitude of conventions including Farpoint, Shore leave, and Monster Mania to name a few. The convention friendly hotel hosts one of the largest meeting spaces in all of Baltimore and has been a staple in the community for over 50 years. It is not currently known where Mid-Atlantic will move their convention, however, Martin assured attendees at Saturday evening’s gala that the convention would be held in 2024.

Returning to the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgic Convention is like coming home to a family reunion. It’s as if you’re joining friends that you haven’t seen in a while to celebrate fandom. That’s what’s so great about the golden age of Hollywood some of the best things were produced during this time when Hollywood was at its shining moment. If you’re looking for a convention like this you will find no better choice then in Baltimore, Maryland. You can find out more about the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention by visiting their website located here.

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Justin Toney
Justin Toney
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